The Community is Talking – Connect with Sharon’s CCC Project!

African Americans have impacted every professional field you can think of from sports, science, politics, business and health to religion, entertainment, and social activism.  Ms. Parker believes that today’s youth have lost sight of their ancestors’ contributions, sacrifices, and most importantly of how they accomplished so much with so little.  RYES’ goal is to guide youth away from the negative distractions that entice them to make the wrong choices and redirect them onto a path of positive consciousness.  As Martin Luther King, Jr. noted, “We Need A Radical Revolution of Values.” It is imperative that professional individuals in all fields come together to turn things around and improve our young people lives.

In order for ROASA, Inc., to continue connecting young people with professional valued providers, we seek are seeking sponsorship from business leaders like you in the DMV area. Young people are falling between the cracks and becoming victim to so many social distractions (drugs, HIV/AIDS, gang violence, mental wellness, lack of education, unemployment, homelessness, poor health, and social addictions (Facebook, Myspace, video games, etc.).


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  1. Thanks for inviting me to ROASA’S new blog!

  2. Why is it that most Black women don’t make eye contact when they pass a man on the streets (black or white)?

  3. Robert Norman says:

    Women size a men up, before they come into speaking range. If a woman avoids eye contact, it is usually because she is not interested or she doesn’t want to open herself up to any unwelcome comment. A lot of men look for eye contact before they will speak even if it is innocent.

  4. Khalifah Aqeel says:

    We have to realize who we are as a people and stop letting others define who we are. We must study history all the way back to the beginning of history. The blackman has been running civilizations for thousands of years. Chaka Zulu was King of Africa and ruled the largest territory of any king in African history. The British eventually were able to establish themselves and named Zulu time after the Zulu nation.

    The accomplishments of today from this world cannot match the Pyramids which were built by us, the blackman. We must recognize who we are as a people and respect each other for the gifts we have been given through our rich history. Once we see the greatness of ourselves in ourselves we will evolve mentally to regain the stature of our history. Even to study the lanquages that have been kept away from us are extremly vital to our civilization. English is derived from the language of our ancient forefathers. Acctully much of english is based from Arabic which is the foundation of many of the words we use today. We do not realize there are words called Arabic loan words which are the words that make up the english language.

    Our language was stolen from us and they made us think it was their languge. The stars were named by the ancient of days. Astronamy was taught to Aristotle and Plato by Egyptian scholars and the names of stars carry these names today. The naming of the stars is a result of our ancient ancestors. The purpose of slavery was to take us away from our selves, take over the resources of our worl and then make us servents of our own wealth.
    We must study our history and spiritual connection to our past from the beginning of time.


    • Thanks Khalifah for supporting this blog. You insight should be shared with the world – I hope this platform will help in getting the word out.

      • Khalifah Aqeel says:

        You are welcome. The time we live in today is so very critical. Our unity is our survival.
        we must have knowledge of our past Kingdoms. This will give us a reference point to start from and strive for. Kings have a duty to protect their lands and people. Teach righteousness and Godliness.

  5. Sharon says:

    My name is seann I am 5 my class is temple university class of 2028.

    • Sharon says:

      Hello everyone, I met a 5 year old boy name Seann today in New York, New York, and I could not believe what I was hearing. Seann wrote the above post and he has been writing and reading since he was 4 years old. I had Seann read my announcement for my blog called, and he did an outstanding job. Check him out on our YouTube that will be posted soon.

  6. Khalifah Aqeel says:

    Go Shean,
    Our youth are on course to become the kings we were before slavery. My earlier post hints to us returning to our glory as a people. The world is going to do everything possible to stop us but God has a plan.

  7. ROASA’S BLOG FOR TODAY – “LOOK OUT FOR YOUR ELDERS”…. So often we adults and children get so caught up in our own self that we forget about our elders. It doesn’t have to be your mother, grandmother, aunt, father, grandfather, uncle or brother – it could be someone else’s. Go out in your community today and look for an elder that may need your help. PLEASE provide your insight and wisdom about the importance in looking out for your elders. Our elders are suffering due to this economical crisis. While they are on a fix income, their gas, electric, water, cable, food, medicine, transportation cost, and phone bill, etc.are going up. Let’s take a few day and speak to an elder to ask if they need any assistance. I was at Georgetown Hospital today and I experience a wonderful young cab driver who is well known at the hospital. Every day he take the same elderly person to the hospital and picks her up. As I was leaving, they came in… will not give names, but the elderly person was in a wheelchair and the nice hispanic man was wheeling her to get some coffee or tea. I was the next in line, but I offered to give up my turn so that she could get to her appointment. They both said no, but I insisted and that opened up the door for dialogue. That when I learned that the elderly lady was in love with her cab driver. Ok hold up….yes she’s marry and they are only friends. But I could see the passion this young man held for helping the lady. I was told by the cashier that he brings her to the hospital everyday on time and picks her up on time. This little act is all it take for you to show how you should honor and respect your elders.

  8. Facebook post today at 5:00am. Watching “Black Men Revealed” on TV One – Topic: “Deadbeat Dads” – Thanks David for all you do. I appreciate these men who are addressing serious social issues in our community (fathers having babies with several different women, black boys in jail, men unemployed, men not going to college, boys not finishing high school, men dating men, men leaving black women for white and others, men not owning a home, but have closet full with clothes, men having HIV/AID, etc. etc. ROASA, Inc., blog today about a female’s perspective of these topics. We will not point fingers – but we will tell it like it is. MAKING TODAY ABOUT YOUR COMMUNITY!

    Ok lets begin – we know America has been unkind, unfair, and out right evil to black men, but I have one question for black men: Do you fear GOD or do you fear your master (white America)? Black men and yes Black women are conditioned to believe that they are nothing and they begin to act like it. Some don’t care about themselves, in turned they don’t care about their children, parents, sibling, grandparents or community. You don’t have to believe me – just go on the Internet and google to see how high the numbers are that shows the statistics of the above issues in our community (jail, HIV/AID, unemployment, high school dropout, etc..) Too often black men are told that they are less then a men (TV, school, video games, music, social media, etc.) and it goes as far back as 1634 (when we came to America).

    To prove my point, you have some successful black men and women, who followed all the rules of America and still feel like they are nothing. They got married, went to college, in church every sunday, own a home, got a good job, have a loving family, but still far victim to some of the above social ills (HIV/AID, in jail, poor health, pay child support, but no interaction with their children, etc, etc.).

    We need to be real and face that fact that we sold our souls to the devil…yes I’m telling it. We put more value in having THINGS (money, homes, several women and men, clothes, college degree – yes a college degree, jewelry, drugs, etc.) then having a relation with GOD, which would have protected up from some of these social ills. LETS FACE IT PEOPLE, WE DID IT THE WAY OTHERS TOLD US IT SHOULD BE DONE (TV, SCHOOL, VIDEO GAMES, MUSIC,SOCIAL MEDIA, ETC.) AND NOW WE ARE LIKE THEM. You came from a place that Kings and Queens came from and you lost your way. IT’S TIME TO REMEMBER THE GODLY VALUED SYSTEM THE EXIST WITHIN YOU AND TURN THIS THING AROUND. ONCE YOU REMEMBER, BELIEVE ME ALL OF THESE SUPERFICIAL THINGS WON’T MATTER. Love yourself enough to love your children, family, your community and most importantly, love yourself enough to LOVE GOD. FORGET WHAT YOU HEARD – YOU ARE SOMEBODY AND YOU ARE LOVED BY ROASA, INC.


  9. Marsha Jews says:

    “KEEP IT MOVING” A Fascinating show tonight! Big Giant Thank You To Our Guests! They brought real life situations that are impacting our children, most of which I doubt I would be able to deal with as a grown woman.

    The photo is of a painting by artist Kenneth Gatewood, it has a prominent position in my living room! A constant reminder that there is much work to do to change the lives of our future!

    The very thought of children being abused, hungry, under-educated, alone, and having to function with the ills of the streets is heart wrenching. What have we done? Where did we go so wrong that we have forgotten our children. What else do we expect if we have demonstrated that they no longer matter? How is it possible for young children to navigate this world without the support systems necessary for them to survive – with drug dealers on the corners (who by the way are NOT bringing in these lethal drugs on boats and planes) that they must negotiate past on their way to broken, dilapidated, ill equipped schools, teachers & guidance counselors. This is an epidemic in huge proportions and why don’t we realize that it is our responsibility to affect this change.

    The reality is Youth Violence requires everyone to be involved, present and committed to change the the conditions of peoples lives. We can no longer sit by and watch it evolve on the news… there must be prevention, assistance and an approach that changes the lives of many parents and guardians…

    As we all know the children did not create the mess they are in… we did, by closing our eyes, being comfortable that their problems aren’t on the streets in which we live. It isn’t us or some other disassociated philosophy.

    Many are also negligent when they don’t vote and focus our legislators on the issues that matter – provide trash cans that the cities no longer supply, recreation centers and swimming pools, craft classes & arts programs…this is what children are supposed to EXPECT from us… this is what children are supposed to do… you can’t throw up your hands, turn your backs, disengage any longer… for the hope is not for them to learn how to run from stray bullets, fists or empty tables nor empty dreams. It will take all of us – we are the Village that must be the voice to under-served communities where no one or very few have a voice.

    We have much to do in our community, and the reality is we all must be involved…starting today!

    Much Peace, Infinite Love & Immeasurable Blessings!

  10. Thanks Jim Vance for telling it like it is…please educate your sons…Watch video:


  12. A CALL TO CONSCIOUS PEOPLE!: We may not owe our President anything, but we owe our ancestors who built the White House EVERYTHING! RE-ELECT our President!

    • Khalifah Aqeel says:

      The time is critical as to realizing we are a people with a history of Kingdoms long before slavery. We must look at ourselves as descendants of Kings and Queens. Slavery was a bump in the road. The future has no end and we must work to see ourselves as Kings in the present and till as long as there is time. Our unity is our Kingdom. We must strive for righteousness within our kingdom and pray for blessings from God to help us reunite.

  13. Wow – thanks Khalifah for your post. Miss you and love you!

  14. Khalifah Aqeel says:

    You are so very welcome. Peace and Love!

  15. Today, a good friend name Sylvia Traymore Morrison posted a picture of her aunt on Facebook and it inspired me to make a comment (Sylvia is an African American and she has brown skin, her Aunt is African American as well, but can pass for White. Too see the picture of Sylvia’s aunt become her friend on Facebook or you may also send me a friend request).

    See Sylvia’s post and my reply: 6-29-12:
    “This is Aunt Ruth. She is the daughter of Aunt Mamie, Momma’s sister. Hence, she is our first cousin. Aunt Mamie passed for white as did 7 of my mother’s brothers and sisters. As you can see by my mother’s pictures, she, my mother, was clearly a Black woman. Although Aunt Ruth could have passed for white she chose not too. She died on February 11, 1996.”

    Sharon’s reply: “Wow – this is a good example for why we Blacks must break the color barrier. Every light skinned or White person is not your enemy. They could be a family member of a very good friend of yours, like Sylvia is of mines.”

    Going forward…Part 1
    My daughter went to an African American festival in Miami, FL last week and she called me excited about the fact that they were talking about color barrier within the Black community (light skin and dark skin). She said, “mom – you should write up something about this, because it’s still happening in our community”. Well, here it goes, but first I want to thank God for opening up my eyes, because I had this issue as well. I know the past doctrine, and some may say current doctrine has contributed to dark skinned Blacks hating their color. Believe me the devil knows how to divide and conquer. I want to thank God for connecting me with so many other races (Whites, Hispanic, Asian, Indian’s and Blacks) that’s helping me learn about my rich history and culture so that I can love myself and my dark color. THE ONLY COLOR I LOOK AT NOW IS THE COLOR OF YOUR ENERGY! IF YOU WANT TO CONNECT WITH MY SYNERGY – COME WITH THE RIGHT COLOR (THE COLOR OF LOVE: WHITE, BLACK, RED, YELLOW, AND BROWN).

  16. Khalifah Aqeel says:

    “Emergency” Get this out to my brothers in Timbucktu. “We must preserve the cultures and histories of our ancient civilizations. Evidence of the true rulers and educaters of the planet. Proof to the world our origin of civilization. This proves to the world who you are as a people and the origins of the worlds knowledge. Do not destroy evidence of “Black History and culture”. It is not about worshiping symbols. It is about preservation our temples till the end of time. Khalifah Aqeel

  17. ROASA, Inc. says:

    I am a little upset people – check this article out provided by Boyce (please, provide your feedback!):

    – My comment is goes like this: I love all people of color and want to respect them for who they are not who they are not. Honor my ancestors in their true self. We must stop others for writing or rewriting our history. PEOPLE STOP SELLING YOURSELF FOR THAT MIGHTY DOLLAR! REMEMBER, HONOR, AND RESPECT YOUR ANCESTORS!

    • ROASA, Inc. says:

      Thank Derrick for posting on Boyce blog – facts that people should know about:

      “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer”. The title of this movie, alone is an insult.
      To be honest about the matter, Lincoln was a mullato, just like Obama. He had an Afrikan father and a caucasoid mother, just like Obama’s parents. This is why he admires Lincoln and made his campaign speech, when he ran for the presidency, at the Lincoln memorial.
      If you put a beard and a tall hat on Obama, he is a spitting image of Lincoln. Back to the movie. Are they calling Harriet Tubman a vampire? A slayer is a murder and these are code words to disgrace Harriet Tubman.
      She had to put a gun to a weak negro slave’s head because he wanted to go back to his master. She told him; he will die a slave or die free. He kept pushing on.
      There is a book entitled THE SIX BLACK PRESIDENTS: Black Blood; White Masks by Dr. Auset BaKhufu. In his book, he reveals Lincoln’s Blackness. Lincoln had a Black barber from Haiti because the white barbers, in that day, said his hair was too nappy and coarse to cut. This is why he always wore a hat!!!
      You will never get our True ourstory from these movies or books, that entertain caucasoids because they will NEVER reveal our True past. They will always be in control. If you want to know your own ourstory; then you must go to Black bookstores to get this knowledge.
      Here are some sayings that Lincoln wrote on slavery:
      “1854?: “The most dumb and stupid slave that ever toiled for a master, does constantly know that he is wronged…although volume upon volume is written to prove slavery a very good thing, we never hear of the man who wishes to take the good of it, by being a slave himself.”(Lincoln, 1953, v2, p 222)
      “1865: “I have always thought that all men should be free; but if any should be slaves it should be first, those who desire it for themselves, and secondly, those who desire it for others. Whenever I hear any one arguing for slavery I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.” (Lincoln, 1953, v8, p360-1)
      Lincoln never enslaved any of our people, but other presidents did. They use to have their slaves sleep in the attic or the basement of the white house! They even had a jail in the white house for unruly slaves!

      • ROASA, Inc. says:

        Another post from Derrick:

        While Harriet Tubman remains one of history’s best-known African Americans, until recently there have been few biographies of her written for adults. Because her life is inspiring, there are appropriately many children’s stories about Tubman, but these tend to stress her early life, her own escape from slavery, and her work with the Underground Railroad. Less well known and neglected by many historians are her Civil War service and her activities in the nearly 50 years she lived after the Civil War ended. In this article, you’ll find details about Harriet Tubman’s life in slavery and her work as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, but you’ll also find information about Tubman’s later and less-known work and life. For the basics on Tubman, see Harriet Tubman Facts
        Life in Slavery
        Harriet Tubman was born into slavery in Dorchester County on the Eastern shore of Maryland, in 1820 or 1821, on the plantation of Edward Brodas or Brodess. Her birth name was Araminta, and she was called Minty until she changed her name to Harriet – after her mother – in her early teen years. Her parents, Benjamin Ross and Harriet Green, were enslaved Ashanti Africans who had eleven children, and saw many of the older children sold into the Deep South.
        At five years old, Araminta was “rented” to neighbors to do housework. She was never very good at household chores, and was beaten regularly by her owners and those who “rented” her. She was, of course, not educated to read or write. She eventually was assigned work as a field hand, which she preferred to household work. Although she was a small woman, she was strong, and her time working in the fields probably contributed to her strength.
        At age fifteen she sustained a head injury, when she deliberately blocked the path of the overseer pursuing an uncooperative fellow slave, and was hit by the heavy weight the overseer tried to fling at the other slave. Harriet, who probably sustained a severe concussion, was ill for a long time following this injury, and never fully recovered. She had periodic “sleeping fits” which, in the early years after her injury, made her less attractive as a slave to others who wanted her services.
        When the old master died, the son who inherited the slaves was able to hire Harriet out to a lumber merchant, where her work was appreciated and where she was allowed to keep some money she earned from extra work.
        In 1844 or 1845, Harriet married John Tubman, a free black. The marriage was apparently not a good match, from the beginning.
        Shortly after her marriage, Harriet hired a lawyer to investigate her own legal history, and discovered that her mother had been freed on a technicality upon the death of a former owner. But her lawyer advised Harriet that a court would be unlikely to hear the case, so Tubman dropped it. But knowing that she should have been born free — not a slave — led her to contemplate freedom and resent her situation.
        In 1849, several events came together to motivate Harriet Tubman to act. She heard that two of her brothers were about to be sold to the Deep South. And her husband threatened to sell her South, too. She tried to persuade her brothers to escape with her, but ended up leaving alone, making her way to Philadelphia, and freedom.

  18. ROASA, Inc. says:

    And another from Derrick…

    Harriet Tubman Biography: From Slavery to Freedom
    1.Harriet Tubman’s Life in Slavery
    2.Harriet Tubman as Underground Railroad
    Conductor, Abolitionist, Women’s Rights Advocate
    3.Harriet Tubman’s Civil War Service: Nurse, Scout, Spy
    4.Harriet Tubman’s Later Years of Activism and Reform
    In the immediate aftermath of the Civil War, Harriet Tubman worked to establish schools for freedmen in South Carolina — while she never learned to read and write, she appreciated the value of education for the future of freedom.
    Harriet Tubman soon returned to her home in Auburn, New York, which served as her base for the rest of her life. Her husband, John Tubman, who had remarried soon after she left slavery, died in 1867, and in 1869 Harriet married again. Her second husband, Nelson Davis, had been a Union Army soldier, and was more than twenty years younger than Harriet.
    Harriet Tubman welcomed several young children into her home and raised them as if they were her own. She also provided shelter and support for a number of aged, impoverished, former slaves.
    To finance her own living and her support of others, she worked with Sarah Hopkins Bradford to publish Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman. The publication was initially financed by abolitionists, including Wendell Phillips and Gerrit Smith, the latter a supporter of John Brown and first cousin of Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
    Harriet Tubman also worked with her friend Susan B. Anthony on woman suffrage and toured to speak about her experiences as “Moses.” Queen Victoria invited her to England for the Queen’s birthday, and sent Tubman a silver medal.
    In 1886, Mrs. Bradford wrote, with Tubman’s help, a second book, Harriet the Moses of Her People, a full-scale biography of Tubman, to further provide for Tubman’s support. In the 1890s, having lost her battle to get a military pension on her own, Tubman was able to collect a pension as the widow of US veteran Nelson Davis.
    In 1896, in a touching link to the next generation of African American women activists, Harriet Tubman spoke at the first meeting of the National Association of Colored Women.
    Thinking of the future and continuing her support for aged and poor African Americans, Harriet Tubman established a home, incorporated in 1903 and opened in 1908, initially called the John Brown Home for Aged and Indigent Colored People, and later named for her instead of Brown. The home, to which she moved in 1911, continued for several years after her death on March 10, 1913 of pneumonia. She was buried with full military honors.
    To honor her memory, a World War II Liberty ship was named for Harriet Tubman. In 1978 she was featured on a commemorative stamp in the U.S. Her home has been named a national historic landmark. And in 2000, New York Congressman Edolphus Towns introduced a bill to grant Tubman the veteran status she was denied in her lifetime.
    The four phases of Harriet Tubman’s life — her life as a slave, as an abolitionist and conductor on the Underground Railroad, as a Civil War soldier, nurse, spy and scout, and as a social reformer and charitable citizen — are all important aspects of this woman’s long life of dedication to service. All these phases deserve attention and further study.
    SHE WAS NOT A DAMN VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ROASA, Inc. says:

      And another from Derrick… (see my response to him below!)
      Sojourner Truth is responsible for our ‘freedom’, not Lincoln!
      Sojourner Truth crossed the country for 40 years, drawing on her experiences and deep faith to preach against the cruelties of slavery and to support human rights for African Americans and women.
      She will best be remembered as an abolitionist, suffragist, and feminist. For more than 40 years, Sojourner Truth was also a preacher and a teacher. The great and the near-great sang her praises and quoted her strong and striking utterances.
      Truth believed it was her christian duty to further the cause of Black people. That sense of mission won her an audience with President Abraham Lincoln. Ushered into Lincoln’s presence on October 29, 1864, she showered him with unabashed praise. Truth assured him in her deep-toned voice that he was the greatest president this country ever had, a man to be likened unto Daniel, the biblical standard of courage and faithfulness.
      Sojourner Truth demanded Lincoln to free the enslaved brothers and sisters. It was her dedication and strength that forced Lincoln to ‘free’ the slaves. He in turn gave her a bible.
      Lincoln was said not to have slaves, but he was not against it! DO THE MATH. ALL OF THESE PRESIDENTS FROM YESTERDAY ‘TIL TODAY, DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE, INCLUDING O’DRAMA!

      Sharon’s response to Derrick: Derrick you are on point! just finish reading “Walking the Road to Freedom – a Story about Sojourner Truth”. Currently reading “Notable Black Americans of Achievement (Introductory Essay by Coretta Scott King) – Sojourner. Truth” Sojourner Truth was an antislavery activist, and a pioneer for Women’s Rights! Keep sharing facts and knowledge! I love Obama and I’m glad he is in the White House! Lets give him another term!

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