Sharon Speaks Her Mind,”To People of Power”


Click link to hear last will and testament of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune

“Just speaking my mind to People of Power”…No intention to speak for or against any movement(s), cause(s), or social media platform(s) that serves to divide.  My goal of this blog is to encourage people of power in all industries to stop the #SelectiveAmnesia. For eight (8) years, I have used my voice, skills, and platforms to inspire individuals of all races to love themselves, their family and their community. Yes, my focus is centered around African American experiences in America during the 19th and 20th century, because I believe those individuals, who I call ancestors knew how to observe, listen, and plan effectively to address root cause issues that reared they ugly heads of injustice. These individuals knew their community…key words #KnewTheirCommunity and most importantly they knew how to show #RealActions with #RealResults.

Today, I find it very hard to understand why individuals choose not to #Remember their part they played in the downfall/demise of all the social and economical improvements achieved by great leaders of the past.

There are so many compounded issues that’s have contributed to the chaos that people are facing in America today and I believe racism is at the core. It may or may not have been intentional racism, but I believe greed and lack of knowledge is at the root, causing history to repeat itself.

  • Some may say, “we are still dealing with the effect of the 2007/2008 housing crisis that forced so many people of all races to live in survive mode…”The Greed of Wall Street” (millions of homes, businesses, and jobs loss across the country…they may have forgotten that a select few of rich business individuals benefited and they knew how they were going to get richer”)!
  • Some may say, “Whites couldn’t except that a Black man leads this great country and have done so for almost 8 years”!
  • Some may say, “Blacks and other people of color fell asleep at the wheel and forgot the lesson(s) of their ancestors (never forget your history and what it took to be freed in America…invest in your family and community)”!
  • Some may say, “Mothers and fathers brought into the mind-set of “Living Like The Jones”,…they did everything in their power to appease their children by buying things, things, and more things!
  • Some may say, some mothers and fathers did not spend enough time in educating their children and family about self, their history and where they came from”!
  • Some may say, “Blacks may have forgotten that they are not acting in the image of God”!
  • Some may say “All need to put drugs down so they can think clearly”!
  • Some may say, “White women who raise Black babies need to speak up against injustice”!
  • Some may say “Politicians you are part of the problem, because you don’t know your job, #YouWorkForThePeople”!
  • “Some may say, “Religious leaders need to remember that the Civil Rights era grew out of the churches in the 19th century and unsung heroes knew their bottom line which was to #SavingLives!

#JustWantUsAllToRemember, we are one human race and the struggle is real for us all!

We don’t have to continue to fall in the trap of chaos! Please don’t let a select few destroy all the hard work your ancestors  and my ancestors accomplished to build thriving communities for our children of all races. #TheyShowedUsHowToWorkTogether

I challenge people of power to #StopTheRage #Talk and #Deal with the root cause(s) that have disadvantaged and poor people feeling like they cannot trust in people of power!

#Remember some of your actions contributed to this chaos #LackOfTrust #Greed #LackOfOpportunities #CreateMoreJobs #GivePeopleBackTheirGoodCredit #StopShackingTheDeck #GoodPeopleSpeakUp  #GodsPeopleComeOnTheScenes

Just speaking my mind and hope these things does not apply to #You! #ToAllThatIsDoingTheRightThing #StayInTheFight #WeStandWithYou



About ROASA, Inc.

Ms. Parker has over 25 years of Federal public service. She is passionate about educating children on the importance of knowing history from an African American perspective. She has certification in Project Management and System Development. She aim to use her stills to provide leadership to communities in the metropolitan area (Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia).
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4 Responses to Sharon Speaks Her Mind,”To People of Power”

  1. ROASA, Inc. says:

    Powerful last will and testament of Dr. Mary McCleod Bethune

  2. Brianna says:

    I like how you made it clear that we shouldn’t point the finger directly at somebody but how we all should remember our actions because it can be contributed to the chaos. If we all can come together we can make a difference in the world.

  3. Monet Blakey says:

    I agree with the statements made by this blog as materialism is inhibiting blacks as a collective from progressing in the face of obstacles that our ancestors have overcome.

  4. Happy birthday to one of my ancestors Mary McLeod Bethune. She’s a powerful women who Used her skills and inspired individual of races to love and respect themselves, there family and community #ROASA

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