Does Black Women and Girls Seek Self Worth in Interracial Relationship?

Does Black Women and Girls Seek Self Worth in Interracial Relationship?

First of all I want to say congratulation to Eve and Maxmillion Cooper on their wedding in Spain over the weekend! Let’s Talk!

I made a post on Facebook and it read…”Tina Turner, Janet Jackson, and now Eve…wow! It seems like these ladies have gone through a lot. What do you think the problem is…fill in the blank?”

A friend responded with a question…”I saw you grouped Tina, Janet and Eve together and asked what the problem is/was and fill in the blank – are you referring to the “problem” with their life up until marriage or are you suggesting that their inter-racial marriage is a problem?”

My response…”Now you know me better then that! “What was their problem before their marriage?, was my answer. I went on to say “That’s the fill in the blank…the answer should be easy!”

Her response…” The talk doesn’t have to be about a celebrities — at the end of the day, regardless of your financial or social status, heartache is heartache, being mistreated is being mistreated and not valuing yourself is not valuing yourself. I believe that R.O.A.S.A. has a wonderful platform to engage the young girls on self worth and making a decision to be with anyone that loves and respect them, regardless of their color, creed and/or nationality. Start it up Sharon and I believe the response will be great and impactful.”

Well here we go, I’m starting the talk: Some may question the marriage of Eve & Maxmillion Cooper, Janet Jackson & Wissam AlI, and Tina Turner & Erwin Bach…they may ask “is it real love or do they seek something else?” It is not a secret that these ladies have been mistreated by men in their race, and who said they loved them (not pointing fingers at anyone, and there is always two sides to a story!). Some may also wonder if they are looking for something else…something that they feel they can’t get from their own race.

They may just simply be in love and say, “we feel the same way that Black men feel when they get in an interracial relationship”. They just want someone to treat them with respects, provide wealth for their family, and love them unconditionally with no drama. Some may be direct and say, “they are getting sick and tired of being mistreated by men in their own race and may feel that if they get involve in an interracial relationship that they will be treated better.

The purpose of this blog is not to insight any negative emotion(s), it’s meant to serve as a positive platform to share some intellectual conversations about some deep seeded issues that may be causing Black men and Black women to get into an interracial relationship.

Please share your feedback for why you want to be in an interracial relationship:
If it’s Love…just say “Love”
If it’s Respect…just say “Respect”
If it’s Wealth…just say “Wealth”
If you feel you are being mistreated in a relationship of the same race, and you want to try something different just say “Tired of being mistreated”
If you don’t know…just say “I don’t know”

This is only part 1 of this discussion…your feedback will lead to the next blog on this topic.

Thanks in advance for your response.


About ROASA, Inc.

Ms. Parker has over 25 years of Federal public service. She is passionate about educating children on the importance of knowing history from an African American perspective. She has certification in Project Management and System Development. She aim to use her stills to provide leadership to communities in the metropolitan area (Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia).
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