An Apology To My Ancestors

My Apology to My Ancestors

 Expressed By: Sharon Parker

I would like to start off by apologizing to every African that was brought to America against their will.  The strength of “Samson” continues to prove itself to be worthy of God’s love (Yes, You Black Man, Woman and Child!).  Went to the movies on November 8, 2013 and watched the film “12 Years A Slave”, and wanted to show my respect by immediately apologizing to each and everyone of you who perished at the hand of the evil word called “Slave”.

My spirit was so unsettled, that all I could do was to observe how quiet everybody was departing the movie.  Their faces were so blank…I wondered what they may have been thinking!  To scared to ask, because I did not want to hear the same old lines about what the White man did to us.  However, I wanted to focus on what we as Blacks did not do or have not done to honor the memories of so many unsung heroes.  Turning the focus on myself, I immediately felt a conviction of guilt.  I repeatedly started apologizing to all the men, women and children who was born in slavery and have been forgotten.  Scorn with conviction (Scorn –  a feeling that someone or something is not worthy of any respect or approval”), I asked them all who I now call my ancestors, to forgive me for not remembering or learning more about their experience, especially those who were never freed.

The systematic design to use psychological and sociological warfare to forced hard labor on innocent people was done to weaken a race.  Hate and greed was the motivation that kept this type of warfare going on for over 400 years, and some say it still exists today.  Thanks to the mercy of God who worked through the spirit of strong Blacks, Indians, Quakers, and some brave Caucasians to break the chain of slavery.

ALL African American men and women must remember that you don’t have the right to forget your past.  Most importantly, you must remember that is was not your fought that you were a bred race.  Fear was bred in you since birth to consciously and subconsciously weaken your spirit.  Some say the psychological warfare of “fear” was systematically designed to stipe you of your Godly spirit, and you must do everything in your power to remember and overcome those fears in every aspect of your life.  Believe me…it will take a lifetime, but you must began now and never stop.  I have started with an apology to my ancestors.

Sharon’s personal apology to her ancestors:

  • I apologize for taking life for granted!
  • I apologize for being so selfish and self-centered thinking someone owed me something!
  • I apologize for all the pain I experienced and never seek help!
  • I apologize for being so weak and not wanting to face the past of my parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and so on!
  • I apologize for forgetting all the pain and suffering you experienced as a slave!
  • I apologize for turning my back for 42 years before I created ROASA, Inc., in 2008! (ROASA means “Remembering Our Ancestors Synergistic Association”)
  • I apologize for not taking advantage of every opportunity provided to me in school, college and life!
  • I apologize for not remembering all the unsung heroes who never made it in the history books! (These ancestors had the strength to stand up and fight against ungodly and unrighteous burial treatment against them and their family and died for it)
  • I apologize for not giving thanks to all the Indians, Quakers and Caucasians who helped you out of slavery!
  • I apologize for allowing the systematic evil of slavery to continue to impact your descendants today!
  • I apologize for not realizing that slavery is a sickness and all who hate must seek psychological help!

Abusive behavior in any form should not be forced on any human race.   This systematic evil excised on Blacks for over 400+ years, should have been condemned by all who call themselves, God’s children.  If you did not speak up against slavery, you were and are part of the problem.

Most importantly, my beloved Black men and Black women, if you have forgotten the pain and suffering your ancestors experienced, you are part of the problem.  Start by apologizing and began to work on yourself to overcome the mastermind game of “fear”!

Love not hate…an apology to my ancestors from Sharon Parker!


About ROASA, Inc.

Ms. Parker has over 25 years of Federal public service. She is passionate about educating children on the importance of knowing history from an African American perspective. She has certification in Project Management and System Development. She aim to use her stills to provide leadership to communities in the metropolitan area (Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia).
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4 Responses to An Apology To My Ancestors

  1. Ty Gray-El says:

    Bless your heart my sister…I submit my apologies right along side yours. After we apologize we must learn to forgive ourselves and those who have spitefully used us. God forgive them and God forgive us…

  2. I apologize for hating the term “Negro”, fore I now know that it represents the descendants of a group of people that survived the “Middle Passage”. God removed a group of people from one continent (Africa) and settled them on another continent (America – North and South). God has a plan for the Negro, so I apologize for creating my own plan to become an African-American. The Negro’s journey did not begin in Africa and it will not end in America, God has a plan!

  3. I was so excited, I hit the send button too soon. I was trying to say what a wonderful blog.

  4. per Mahogany says:

    Amazing work! This is a beautiful writing, thank you so much for sharing this heartfelt work of art.

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