ROASA, Inc. Calls on Strong Women Like Mary Wilson…

ROASA, Inc. Calls on Strong Women Like Mary Wilson...

This image of Mrs. Mary Wilson came from an article written by Linden Hills; 08-05-2011. ROASA WANTS YOU TO REMEMBER THIS ANCESTOR! LET’S TALK!

If you’re still asking yourself “WHY” should I attend this retreat? JUST REMEMBER “MRS. MARY WILSON…MOTHER OF BENJAMIN WILSON WHO WAS SHOT IN 1984″. READ HER STORY…AND ASK YOURSELF…”WHAT CAN I DO TODAY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE?” Last night I could not sleep (around 3:00am or so)…normally…I watch some show about a Taxi cab driver in New York…picking up people and asking them questions for money (forget the name of the show – if you know please share). Something told me to turn to another channel and I did…I turned to ESPN Channel 12 on Comcast…and heard a story about a lady name MARY WILSON. I started taking notes like…her baby was shot almost 29 years now, and I wondered how many baby boys has been shot since 1984. I’m scared to know the numbers. I started taking more notes about the large number of people who come out to support her when they found out who Ben Wilson was (celebrities and the general public). I said to myself…”WOW look at all of those people who care about the lost of this young man’s life”. THEN…I asked myself…what happen…why don’t we care anymore like we did 29 years ago? What has made us so hard that a boy’s (Black) life can be overlooked?” So, today, after working on numerous projects, I Google her name and came across this article written in 2011 by Linden hills..08-05-2011…it read “His mother was very strong and she would just break your heart. She campaigned against violence for years and you could see this tragedy took its toll on her…” I SAY TO ALL MY STRONG WOMEN…REMEMBER THESE NUMBERS “15, 25, and 29” AND RESEARCH THERE SIGNIFICANCES OF THEM AND LET’S TALK. THIS TOPIC WILL BE #1 ON OUR AGENDA AT THE RETREAT! SORRY FOR THE LONG WRITE UP…BUT WE MUST GET SERIOUS!


About ROASA, Inc.

Ms. Parker has over 25 years of Federal public service. She is passionate about educating children on the importance of knowing history from an African American perspective. She has certification in Project Management and System Development. She aim to use her stills to provide leadership to communities in the metropolitan area (Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia).
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  1. ROASA, Inc. says:

    Calling on all strong mothers who want to share what these numbers mean to you (15, 25, 29)…share your significants: LET’S TALK AT ROASA’S 1ST ANNUAL WOMEN’S UNCONDITIONAL LOVE RETREAT! RETREAT WILL BE HELD ON MAY 17-18, 2013 AT THE L’ENFANT PLAZA HOTEL:

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